Let’s Decorate!

Hi guys! Sitara here and ready to share some fun ideas about camel safari prints! So … I’ve been on the search for a camel safari wall paper and I haven’t quite found one yet. But! I did find an awesome wall stencil that will knock your socks off! Check this stencil out from Royal Design Studio. What’s great about using a stencil is, it gives you the creativity to completely customize the print the way you would like. Look at the various ways, they show you how you can use it … colorful and bright, or more on earth tones … whether it’s your bohemian inspired room in your house you are creating or your sweet baby’s nursery, this stencil can bring so much life to a room!


Imagine adding some framed artwork or other wall decor like shelving, vases, books and other nick nacks to build your theme up, and then with this print behind it. Pretty cool huh? I can’t decide which color story I like the best? The choices are limitless!

Wall stencils are new for me and I found this video from Royal Design Studio really helpful. Stenciling looks so easy and I can’t wait to try it!  Check this out!

The next fun decor idea I wanted to share was an inspirational photo that could help you bring some texture to the room. I love how photographer Carley Page uses hues of reds, pinks, purples, blues and yellows to bring her bohemian inspiration out. Notice how she uses a velvet throw blanket or a shag rug to add that extra texture to the room. I also love the mix and matching of pillow patterns. It’s okay to mix patterns when they compliment each other! Make a note of how well she does it here. By adding some greenery into the mix, the room gets a nice touch of nature into the room. With various plant holders low and high, she brings the eye up and down and invites us to enjoy the beautiful natural light in this room thanks to those large windows!


This photo can be seen on Carley’s instagram page carlaypage.

Lastly, here are some other fun finds that will help bring a camel safari theme to next level.

For a nursery, try a whimsical print like this one from Lucy Darling Prints on Etsy.com


Area rugs needed? No prob! Try these from Cost Plus Markets …



These are just a few of my first finds for camel inspired home decor … I hope you enjoy these tips, photos and find some inspiration to add a little “camel” in your life! More ideas to come on some later posts!!