Rajasthan Fashion!

Hey guys! Sitara here with a fun post about fashion and how Rajasthan has taken stage on the runway and in ready-to-wear … intrigued? You should be! As a fashion lover myself, I always love to look for concepts and inspirations in which designers pull their ideas from. Rajasthan fashion is unique, rare and oh so chic!  Here is a recap of some amazing designers I have recently discovered and some of my favorite looks inspired by Rajasthan culture.


Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is a talented designer out of India whose line is inspired by the rich heritage of Rajasthan culture. I have fallen in love with her aesthetic and lovely sensibility through her work!  Her pieces are truly beautiful! You can see the inspiration coming to life through the her bead detailing, intricate lace patterns, hand-done embroidery and vibrant prints. Where the heritage inspiration brings a traditional touch to the garments, the silhouettes are modern, giving it a natural chicness. She plays around with different lengths and fits that she offers to women, which makes her line attractive to women of all ages. Here is one my favorites of hers, the bandi, which is piece usually worn by a man. (See Wikipedia’s definition of a bandhi here.) This version is feminine and again oh so chic! I love the slight opening in the front and the beautiful embroidered detailing around the neck. The pants are called a Sharara, which basically is a wide-leg pant. The print on these were inspired by block printing. (photo credit: Anita Dongre)

Bandi and Sharara

What makes this designer even more incredible is she designs bespoke pieces and also offers a bridal couture line. Look at this and tell me this is not breathtaking! I love this photo from her Wedding Diaries Collection. It’s simply brilliant. I love how each family member is designed for and how she keeps it sexy with a little skin showing for the ladies and especially the bride. I am seriously obsessed with everything about this photo! And the kids are killing it! So dapper, so chic, so what fashion is about!


To view the rest of Anita Dongre’s collection, click on the first image.

Veronica Etro

I also have fallen in love with the 2017 collection from Veronica Etro. She has got the coolest vibe and takes ethic inspiration to the next level when designing her line. What I love the most, is the clothing is not only beautiful, but edgy and cool. I get it and I like it alot! She recently told Vogue that her inspirations come from her travels around the world and you can definitely see her taking some influence from the rajasthan culture. In this photo, the detailing along the hem of the jeans as well as the pockets bring in that India-inspired touch. The rich jeweled colors of oranges, reds and magenta also give a peak from India. It’s very cool to see a designer mix in traditional culture with that of ready-to-wear and Veronica Etro does it oh so effortlessly. Photo Credit: Vogue

Indian inspired fashion

You also see her use of the Saree. It’s fresh, it’s modern and perfect for Spring! The casual cool vibe she brings out in her work, makes it feel like a whole new piece. The saree of 2017 I guess you could say! I wish I was this cool and could wear a saree like this! I’m taking notes for sure. I think I spot a camel on the print of the dress! Can you see it?!

Photo Credit: Vogue

Indian inspired fashion 3

The following outfit gives a nod to menswear. The military details, stripes and even leather touches have a masculine feel that makes this coat unique and wonderful when combined with feminine details like a cropped fit and ruffled sleeves. By layering it over a soft feminine dress, you have the perfect combination between the hard and soft. Nothing better than mixing a little hard and soft together! Photo Credit: Vogue

Indian inspired fashion 4

Veronica Etro has so many more amazing dresses, to view her collection and be connected to her  E-Boutique, click the image below.



I hope you found this article interesting and are inspired to add a little camel safari and Rajasthan culture into your wardrobe! To add some camel safari into your home decor, click here for inspiration. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Until our next Rajasthan adventure … Sitara.


Let’s Decorate!

Hi guys! Sitara here and ready to share some fun ideas about camel safari prints! So … I’ve been on the search for a camel safari wall paper and I haven’t quite found one yet. But! I did find an awesome wall stencil that will knock your socks off! Check this stencil out from Royal Design Studio. What’s great about using a stencil is, it gives you the creativity to completely customize the print the way you would like. Look at the various ways, they show you how you can use it … colorful and bright, or more on earth tones … whether it’s your bohemian inspired room in your house you are creating or your sweet baby’s nursery, this stencil can bring so much life to a room!


Imagine adding some framed artwork or other wall decor like shelving, vases, books and other nick nacks to build your theme up, and then with this print behind it. Pretty cool huh? I can’t decide which color story I like the best? The choices are limitless!

Wall stencils are new for me and I found this video from Royal Design Studio really helpful. Stenciling looks so easy and I can’t wait to try it!  Check this out!

The next fun decor idea I wanted to share was an inspirational photo that could help you bring some texture to the room. I love how photographer Carley Page uses hues of reds, pinks, purples, blues and yellows to bring her bohemian inspiration out. Notice how she uses a velvet throw blanket or a shag rug to add that extra texture to the room. I also love the mix and matching of pillow patterns. It’s okay to mix patterns when they compliment each other! Make a note of how well she does it here. By adding some greenery into the mix, the room gets a nice touch of nature into the room. With various plant holders low and high, she brings the eye up and down and invites us to enjoy the beautiful natural light in this room thanks to those large windows!


This photo can be seen on Carley’s instagram page carlaypage.

Lastly, here are some other fun finds that will help bring a camel safari theme to next level.

For a nursery, try a whimsical print like this one from Lucy Darling Prints on Etsy.com


Area rugs needed? No prob! Try these from Cost Plus Markets …



These are just a few of my first finds for camel inspired home decor … I hope you enjoy these tips, photos and find some inspiration to add a little “camel” in your life! More ideas to come on some later posts!!