About Sitara


Hi guys! I’m Sitara. I’m 43 years old and a lover of home decor, fashion, travel, DIY projects and my recent obsession, camels!! Yes. I said camels. Let me take you back to where this love of camels started. I knew in my twenties and through college that I wanted to travel the world. After getting my bachelors degree in business, I took the pennies, (lots of pennies that is) I had saved while working part-time during school and went on my first trip! Okay, so I had a little help from the parentals but it was my graduation gift to send me off on my first adventure. Needless to say, my first destination was to India. I visited Rajasthan and enjoyed the culture, the food, the palaces, the museums and of course the camel safaris! Now, in my forties … my love for camels has recently reawakened as I find inspiration to decorate my home, play around with fashion, plan parties or do fun projects. My eyes always go back to camel safari and all the fun twists you can do to it! That’s what my blog is all about … anything and everything in these areas I’ve mentioned that are inspired by camel safari! So sorry, if you found this site thinking you would book a tour in Rajasthan, I do apologize. However, I will incorporate some travel suggestions in some posts! I hope you enjoy this blog and find a love for camels too! Feel free to reach out if you need anything. To return to the home page click here.